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Sump Pump Upgrade





Pollution control

Burbank Drum & Barrel Co.

Sodium hydroxide, Sulfuric acid

SUMP-GARD Thermoplastic Vertical Pump

Reduces downtime for barrel reconditioner


Burbank Drum & Barrel Co., Glena Park, TX, reconditions, grades and resells

half-a-million, 55-gal. steel drums per year.


The reconditioning and recycling process consists of these steps: grading

drums for recycling or crushing, submersion in NaOH stripper for general

drum cleaning, water rinse, de-denting, NaOH/steam flush, dry/siphon station,


H•SO— power rinse to remove oxidation, shot blast, double end chime sealer, air test to 7 psi, preheater, and painting.


Pumps are used at the reconditioning stations, including the 20% sulphuric

acid power rinse. Oxidation is removed from the barrel's interior at a

multihead nozzle spray station.


Wear factors, which caused pump downtime, were: chemical heat generated

by the addition of acid and water makeup; frequent start/stop, 3600 rpm

service; abrasion from oxide and scale; and chemical attack of pump's

material-of-construction weakened its tensile strength, allowing shaft

deflection and column bearing wear.


In order to solve these problems, the existing pump was replaced with a

heavy-duty, bearingless, cantilever-design sump pump, engineered for this

demanding service by Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.


The new pump is constructed of CPVC, with a PVDF casing and impeller. The

shaft is rigidized by a twin bearing motor pedestal and welded vertical

gussets on the column. This combination of cantilever design and high

tensile strength-engineered thermoplastic material has resulted in

uninterrupted service. The new pump performs flawlessly, without downtime

for pump repair.





This Vanton vertical cantilever design features oversized diameter,

heavy-duty ball bearings housed in a cast iron bracket which supports

both the rugged shaft and the motor. The coupling arrangement makes

it possible to utilize this design with just about every available type of

motor: chemical duty, explosion-proof or air. It also makes possible

depths to 4 feet (8 feet with tail pipe). Capacities to 1000 gpm, heads to

140 feet at temperatures to 275°F. Motors to 15 HP.


Welded structural ribbing on SGK pumps provides additional strength

for columns. The heavy-duty combination radial and thrust ball bearing

assembly provides solid support to the large diameter shaft.



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In the 1950, Vanton developed a revolutionary all-plastic pump for use in conjunction with the first heart-lung device. The design limited fluid contact to only two non-metallic parts: a plastic body block and a flexible liner. This was the birth of our Flex-I-Liner rotary pump. Its self-priming sealless design made it an industry standard for the handling of corrosive, abrasive and viscous fluids as well as those that must be transferred without contaminating the product. Vanton now offers the most comprehensive line of thermoplastic pumps in the industry.



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